About Us

Who are we?

Charity Bike Co. is a family owned and operated mobile/online BMX & Family cycling center with an emphasis on BMX/Extreme cycling and custom bike builds. Our goal is to be known as the company with a HEART with a portion of our proceeds going into a charity fund to help us in our mission of creating charity outreach and gifting bicycles to underprivileged children and needy families. We will be attending cycling events, shows, county fares and other community events where we will be interacting with and selling to the general public.

Why Buy From Us?

When you purchase from us you are helping to fund our charity outreach efforts “BikingForAutism & BMX4AUTISM“.

Ride The Block

The Ultimate Goal is opening an indoor family friendly bike/skate/scooter facility with ramps, jump boxes, rails etc. and designed with riders of all skill levels in mind. We believe designing a fun and safe park for everyone to enjoy is a prime key to our long term success. Follow Ride The Block @ ridetheblock.com

Our Founder:

Hello my name is Dante Primm, I grew up in Southern California where I spent a great part of my youth and early adulthood as part of the 1980’s BMX Freestyle movement, where I rode and became friends with many of the legends of BMX Freestyle. I have over 4 decades of riding experience in many different disciplines including BMX, Road and Mountain biking I have spent the last 20+ years primarily dividing my time between Road Cycling and Mountain Biking and now I am adding BMX back into the mix.